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Oct 31, 2012 2:49PM

My 22nd Birthday Celebration (Part 4) - Universal Studio Singapore with love

Hi Everyone!

On my bf birthday that day, while everyone is going for work, we're preparing ourself to Universal Studio Singapore. Had some light makeup on as i know there would be lots of photo taking, of course not forgetting my eyeliner which i love as it enhance your eye shape & appear bigger looking eyes.

Bf & my birthday are just 3 days apart! Had our breakfast at KFC 1st before heading over to Sentosa. Ordered Amercian Twister for our breakfast.

Upon reaching the entrance of USS, it's flooded with LOTS of tourists! But nevermind. Our 1st game station would be the Transformer Ride. Upon queuing, there's an techincal breakdown with the game and we gotta wait. Lucky we did wait else we'd have to re-queue again! Transformer ride was FUN! We had it for 2 times and still craving for it while i'm drafting this post out! Below are some images that i took while queuing.

After the Transformer Ride, it was pouring heavily outside & we had to find some indoor attraction in order not to get ourself wet. And look what we saw? A group doing B-Boys dance!

Randomly walking & saw them walking in costume and ask for a picture. And we also saw Transformer Bumblebee car on display!

Saw this giant Transformer Optimus Prime, how can you not take a picture with it?

Also, we conquer the Battlestar Galactica ride in HUMAN as well as Cylon. Intially, i doesn't dare to take it but BF insist that if go USS & didn't take it, feel regret. So, followed him to take HUMAN ride, but i really hate that ride. The down force was so strong that i couldn't release my scream. Felt so terrible and "feel-like-i'm-drunk" when i came down. LOL!! But after that ride, walked around to recove myself, i told bf i want to try Cylon. And instead, i'm liking Cylon more! It doesn't seems that scary when riding but you still can feel the tension there when you just board it & about the move off. In fact, i rode Cylon twice! And once, before we took off, we're inform that we're riding in the rain. The feel is completely different! Much more fun i say! With the rain splashing on you, the fear is gone. :)

Did some sightseeing at New York City and just nice before i went to USS few days before, i'm watching Jen from frmheadtotoe web series drama - Away we happen. And it seems so much alike as what i saw from the drama about NY housing.

Me and bf posting for pictures.

We found this small ally which is quite nice so we decided to take some pictures here as well. Knowing that we'll be engaging with lots of rides & games, decided to wear casual. Plain white top with furry-looking shirt-short with slippers. 

After all those crazy fun rides, had our lunch at Golilock whereby i read from Jade's blog from jadeisabelle.com that she recommend eating here. Just so nice she blogged about it few days before my trip to USS.

Saw this Shrek big poster hanging at Golilock.

&&&! Manage to shoot this castle from Far Far Away! And the sky is beautifully nice.

Saw madagascar mascots dancing to Madagascar song & it's so lovely.

After the show, went ahead to Madagascar ride as we have no idea what is it about. But it turn out to be fun! Just basically sit on a boat and it'll bring you thru the tunnel to see Madagascar characters. And while queuing up, took a shot with bf.

As time are getting late, we just did some sightseeing and photo taking.

Before we say goodbye to USS, saw this super huge chupa chups lollipops and those nice interior.

Stuffs brought from Universal Studio Singapore.

Before i forget, a red velvet cake for the birthday boy!

I also had mine on my actual birthday.

And some belated gifts from my friends and elder brother as well.


Before i forgot to mentions, rides that we took at USS are:

- Transformer (Sci Fi City)

- Accelerator (Sci Fi City)

- Battlestar Galactica: Human (Sci Fi City)

- Battlestar Galactic: Cylon (Sci Fi City)

- Revenge of the Mummy (Ancient Eygpt)

- Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure (Lost World)

- Canopy Flyer (Lost World)

- A Crate Adventure (Madagascar)

- Lights! Camera! Action! (New York)

We give some rides a miss as i played some during my 1st visit to USS with bf company retreat.

Thank you USS, for being here at Singapore and for us to enjoy ourself thou it tired us out! ;)

I'll visit you soon USS! :D




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Oct 31, 2012 2:48PM

My 22nd Birthday Celebration (Part 3) - Dinner at Nolboo Korean Restaurant

Hi Everyone!

Continue, this is my part 3 of my birthday celebration. If you have not read part 1 & part 2, read it here. Part 1, Part 2.

So for part 3 of this post, it will be a day before my actual birthday. Had a small celebration with bf friends @ Nolboo Korean Restaurant at Orchard Central. This is 1 of my favourite korean restaurant in town.

Of course, going to a korean restaurant without having grilled meat is not called korean restaurant. (that's my defination)

Had ordered spicy cold noodles for my dinner with bf and some other grill meat.

After we had done with our dinner, hang out at nearby MacDonald to chill and catch up with each other. Brought caramel frap from Mac as there's promotion going on using some mobile coupon(?). Anyway, we hang out till my actual birthday morning before heading back home.

Received gifts from 1 of the girls & it was actually a denim material small handbag. Thank you soo much!!


Thanks for reading & final part of my birthday post will be out soon!



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Oct 29, 2012 5:44PM

My 22nd Birthday Celebration (Part 2) - Hair Dying & surprise from bestie

Hi Everyone!

As promise, this is the part 2 post of my birthday celebration. If you have not read part 1 of my birthday post, click Here.

To start off, just to let you guys know, i dyed my hair after for 1year! 

Well, i brought the deal @ Groupon to experience hair dye from AVEDA product by Urban Hair @ Marina Bay Sands.

- while waiting for the dye to sit in my hair -

The atmosphere at Urban Hair was good. Customer service was friendly. They made us wrap don't know how many layers of robe inside so as the hair dye or water doesn't leak in and wet us. Thumbs up! Color wise, they uses AVEDA product which is made up of natural organic ingredients and is safe for your hair as compare to other hair dyes which contains other chemcial. I'm a not chemistry-person. =(  I'd say the scent of the hair dye is nice, but it doesn't last. I did a copper color, came out abit copper-redish. 2 weeks or so, the redish fade off and now my hair color seems like copper-brownish? idk. On top of that, i top-up $30 more to have a hair treatment for damage hair. The hair treatment smells AWESOME! It said to soften my hair and treat the damage part. But i guess this kind of hair treatment would take you more then 1 try to see the result.

While bf is doing dark red for his hair, the color did not come out immediately. I'm not sure if it's his hair texture or what, it took him 1 month+ for the red to shown up! haha! I guess he's the weirdo now~ gee gee ^_^ {See below image for our hair color}

So after having our hair done, went over to Marina Square to have our late lunch @ Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe Singapore.

- See my hair color? There's a difference when the lighting hits -

After having our late lunch, we walked all the way to Gardens By The Bay. Initially wanted to buy the tickets to the Supertree Grove & Cloud Forest, but seeing the crowd at the ticketing counter turn us off!

So, we just walked around the park and did some sightseeing. Let the pictures do all the talking here.

- this is the Supertree Grove -

After spending like few hours there walking and sightseeing and taking pictures, called up 1 of my bestie to ask if she wanna meet.

And she's ok. So we went over to Bugis+ (formally Illuma) to find her and settle down our dinner at Aloha Ma Maison. It specialist in their pan-cakes, pies and some aloha food.

And bestie & her friend; Jasmine, surprised me & bf with our birthday pies! Me & bf birthdate is 3 days apart.

Mine was blueberry pie & bf was mont blanc pie. (Not sure of the exact name of the pie). Bestie & jasmine each got themself pie as their dinner as well. Beside the pie, i had ordered mixed berries pancake for my dinner.

Relax & chill and catch up with each other and we parted from there.

Ending off with a picture with my bestie & Jasmine!

Thank you both of you for the surprise! <3




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Oct 29, 2012 5:44PM

My 22nd Birthday Celebration (Part 1) - with girlfriends

Hi Everyone!

Have not been blogging for quite a long time since my last blog post! Been busy with work & etc. =( I'm clearing all the backlogs. Bear with me~ This post was actually meant for August. 

I'll be separating my birthday post into 4 parts as there are too many pictures to be collated in 1 post!

So for this post, its a very early birthday celebration as well as farewell celebration for 1 of my friend who will be going back to China/Taiwan for her fashion business venture. These 3 girls gone thru with me for all the project disagreement, happiness & sadness, all the stress for exam & be there to help each of us in our studies.

Met up with my "darlings" for dinner as initally, it was said to be a farewell celebration as well as a catch-up session. But before that, had my facial session with Skin Inc @ Orchard Central (now it have move & combine with ION outlet). So you'll see my bareface in this post.

Facial session ended late & therefore, i was the last to turn up @ Hot Tomato at 313 Orchard & they had finished their dinner. Just waiting for me. Felt bad to let them wait for me for soooo long! 

Had pasta set meal for my dinner and after that, "darlings" surprised me with this mango favour birthday cake. Wasn't expecting it to be my birthday celebration.

As usual, Singaporean Style! Camera will be the 1st to come out and start shooting before eating.

*ahem!* who's the birthday girl here? hahaha!

Cheryl (below picture) is actually cutting the cake on my behalf.

- nomming away with the chocolate slice -

Girfriends gave me the biggest slice of cake. The cake is overly too sweet. But nevertheless, appreciate my "darlings" for the surprise small celebration. ^_^

Chilled awhile and we ended our day after the dinner session as cheryl gotta rush back to complete her project.


Thanks for reading & part 2 post will be up soon~!



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Sep 16, 2012 2:15AM

Sponsored Review: Lactacyd Feminine Wash

Hi Sweeties!

How's everyone week going? Been MIA from blogging for about 2 weeks! Gosh~ Been so busy & tired with work lately. Sorry everyone~

Few weeks back, I received this beautifully wrapped parcel sitting inside my room. Guess what is it? Shhh~ It's something good for us girls, that you can feel clean & fresh and look fairer & younger~

*P/S: this post is meant for female~

Thanks to Lactacyd & EK Media that i'm able to try this out.

Did you notice they send me a small jar of oatmeal and a scrub glove? Find them out more at the end of the post!

In Singapore, due to it's humid weather, it's pretty common to see yourself having darkened bikini area. All of this are due to perspiration and excessive friction from tight clothings (like leggings, panties, etc etc).

Tried many ways to lighten your intimated area but none of them works? Fret not!

Introducing ... Lactacyd White Intimate wash! 

Before i go in any further, a short intro about Lactacyd brand. I bet many of you have seen or heard about Lactacyd - be it in the supermarket, Guardian or Watson.

But, do you know that Lactacyd is the #1 feminine hygiene wash brand in the world, with strong presence in many markets and with more than 30 years of experience.

Having said that, Lactacyd is actually the 1st to introduce lightening benefits feminine wash in Singapore that is made up with natural ingredients.

In a product test conducted on 100 Asian women, 90% of them witnessed visible lightening after 12 weeks of usage and 67% witnessed skin lightening in just 4 weeks! WOW~!


The key features of Lactacyd White Intimate:

- Proven to be effective in skin lightening of the intimate area

- Made with natural ingredients

- Balance out your pH Level. Normally our intimate area have a pH Level of 5.2. Not anything more then that.


Why did i say is made up of natural ingredients?

Lactacyd White Intimate contains:

- Algowhite: Marine-based whitening agent, lightens by reducing melanin synthesis, exfoliates by activating the cells thereby reducing darkness, protects by inhibiting free radicals.

Actipone-B: Marine-based whitening agent, lightens the skin by inhibiting the production of melanin, a pigment found in skin which is the origin of skin darkness.

Lactoserum: Milk-based moisturizing and revitalizing agent.

Lactic Acid: Natual, soothing, anti-itching agent

And also, it's dermatologically tested to be safe to be used for intimated areas. So, you can rest your mind while using this feminine wash.

Recommended usage: For best result, use thumb-sized amount twice daily.

What do i feel?

Texture: Light texture. Feel the same as my normal body wash.

Scent: Faint flora scent, not too overpowdery. Liking the smell.

After usage: To be honest, i've NEVER used any feminine wash before! From young, my mum have told me don't need to use this kind of feminine wash, just use normal body wash can already. Until i started watching Taiwan Beauty talk show "Queen Beauty (女人我最大)", they stated the importance of using a feminine wash so as to balance your intimate area pH level, and also to prevent any bacteria growth. As normal body wash is bit too acidic for your intimate area. Even watching that, i still do not dare to purchase it as i doesn't know how to use it either. Until EK Media approach me for this sponsorship, i agreed to tried. And viola!  Tried less than a week, so i can't judge much of it's whitening properties. But overall, it gave me a comfortable, clean & fresh feeling!

Price: Retailing for S$13.90 for 250ml and S$2.50 for 60ml. Available at all leading pharmacies.

Next up, Lactacyd will also be introducing their another new feminine wash which is the Youth Reviving feminine wash - Revitalize, which will make its Asia debut in Singapore!

Unlike the whitening range, Lactacyd Revitalize contains stuffs that most girls will like! Contains anti-aging properties like Vitamin E, Collagen and Trehalose (Which is a long lasting deodorant moisturizer). All these ingredients will helps to rejuvenate skin and leave it firm & supple! 

A product test conducted on 120 Asian women from April ~ June 2011 said 98% of women witnessed moisturizing effect in 4 weeks and nearly 50% of women witnessed firming effect in 4 weeks.

The key features of Lactacyd Revitalize:

- Proven effective in firming and moisturizing

- Made of natural ingredients

- Have a balance of pH level of 5.2


Contains Natural Ingredients such as:

- Vitamin E: Antioxidant qualities and destroys free radicals

- Collagen: An abundant protein that hydates and help fight signs of aging

- Trehalose: A long  lasting deodorant moisturizer with moisture-retaining capacity

- Lactoserum: Milk-based moisturizing and revitalizing agent

- Lactic Acid: Natural, soothing, anti-itching agent

And also, it's dermatologically tested to be safe to be used for intimated areas. So, you can rest your mind while using this feminine wash.

Recommended Usage: For best result, use thumb-sized amount twice daily.

What do i feel?

Texture: Similar to White Intimate. Light texture.

Scent: Less flora scent as compare to White Intimate. very very light & nice flora scent.

After Usage: Used this less then a week as well. But i used both white intimate & revitalize alternate days. Overall, it still gave me a comfortable, clean, fresh and rejuvenated!

Price: Retailing for S$13.90 for 250ml and S$2.50 for 60ml. Available at all leading pharmacies.

Remember i said at the start of the post that they provided a small jar of oatmeal and a scrub glove?

Well, this is an interesting fact about Oatmeal and it can be used as a scrub!

Amazing right?

For those whose house have leftover uncooked oatmeal & expiring soon, don't waste them. Try this DIY Oatmeal Scrub and be on your way to a softer & smoother skin~!


For those who have never use feminine wash before like me, or wish to try it out, a GOOD NEWS for you!

Lactacyd is giving out FREE Trial Kit! Yes, you did not see wrongly. They giving it for FREE! Good news eh?

All you have to do is follow the steps below!

1. Head over to Lactacyd FB Page, "Like" them and fill up the form.

2. Remember to quote the secret password "http://winddyychoco.onsugar.com" to redeem it!

3. And wait patiently for your kit to arrive at your mail box!


Hope you girls out there have a great time enjoying this awesome product! :D


If you enjoy this post, do subscribe to me by clicking on the "FOLLOW" button, like & share it~! 

Thanks for reading & see you then.




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Sep 2, 2012 2:31AM

Sponsored Review: Kinohimitsu J'pan D'tox Juice 6-Day Program - Plum flavour

How's your week going? It's been raining cats & dogs lately. Do remember to drink more water & eat more fruits/vegetables to detoxify yourself from those heaty food your eating!

If you're kinda lazy to grab some fruits, here's an alternative choice! The Kinohimitsu J'pan D'tox Juice in Plum flavour! [Continue reading...]

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Aug 29, 2012 4:27PM

Winner of First Giveaway!

Thank you all for your support & your comments as well as all your lovely suggestion on what you wish to see on my blog. I'll try to fulfill each of everyone's suggestions. No promise thou. ^_^

Now, i shall annouce the winner for Prize A & Prize B.

And the winner for Prize A is ...





TADA! Sandra163! Congrats!


And move on to the winner of Prize Set B ...




TADA! coolzpup! Congrats!


Sandra163 & coolzpup, i will be emailing you soon. :D

Do reply to the email asap~


Once again, Thank you for joining the giveaway. For those who didn't win, pls don't feel sad. Looking forward for more giveaway for you guys soon! :D

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Aug 19, 2012 11:08AM

Sponsored Review: Enavose Invisible Sunbrella UV Mist SPF45

Hi Sweeties!

The weather have been burning HOT lately! Did you wear enough sunscreen to fully "protect" yourself from being burn? Or are you in search for a new sunscreen to try out? Well, you've come to the right page! Today, I'm going to introduce you to an sunscreen product!

I guess you're not a stranger to this brand: Enavose! I've done several product reviews for them. Read them here!

Last month, Enavose held their first blogger event @ Fullhouse Singapore, but unfortunately, the guestlist was full & unable to attend. But still, they prepare this super duper lovely set for me as well as other enavose blogger @ the event. I seriously DID NOT expect Felicia from Enavose to prepare this as i know my name wasn't on the guestlist. It really came as a surprise. This set came with lollipops, flowers, Enavose sunscreen (which I'll be review it on) & completed it with a towel embroidered with my name on it. Enavose really never fails to surprise me with their creative packaging.

A loud shoutout to Felicia: Thank you so much for the thoughts & effort that you've put in! :D

Back to the main topic! This month, August, Enavose spotlight will be on their "Invisible Sunbrella UV Mist SPF 45". In short, it's actually a sunscreen. I guess i know why they name it as "Sunbrella" - you need an umbrella to shield you against the sun to protect your skin. (I don't know if this is true to make up of sunbrella, but this is what you think of when sunbrella is mention~ can't be blame thou~ ha!) I cannot emphasise how important it is to wear sunscreen! You wouldn't want patches of freckles on your skin or sunburn patches all over your body.

- psss: i was given a $20 gift voucher to be spend @ Enavose retail store~ -

According to Enavose, Invisible Sunbrella UV Mist SPF45 is an advanced invisible sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum UVA and UVB SPF 45 protection in a convenient micro-vaporized mist that applies evenly and dries instantly on skin.

When you're in search for sunscreen, always keep in mind to look out for sunscreen that protect you against UVA & UVB.


UVA causes your skin to Age, while on the other hand, UVB causes your skin to Burn! You wouldn't want that to happen to your skin right? But as you know, even you are indoor, you still need sunscreen protection against your skin. Because UVA can even penetrate thru the clouds, windows, etc etc. 

You do notice that every sunscreen protection will have an indication of their SPF. The numbers indicate protection against UVB. If you'd like to know how to calculate the amount of protection you're getting from the product, use the following formula:

Formula: Amount of time you take to burn without using sun protection x SPF number = Amount of time you take to burn while wearing sun protection

eg: 20mins x SPF45 = 900 minutes = 15 hours

And also, to fully protect your skin against UVA, keep a look out at their PA's rating. The higher the "+", the better it protects you. Enavose UV Mist didn't indicate the PA ratings on the bottle nor the packaging, but it has PA+++ in the campaign details. Usually, i'll only use sunscreen with PA +++, it just made me feels more safer & comfortable. 

Reason why Enavose Invisble Sunbrella UV Mist SPF 45 is good for you & your skin:

1. Have a broad-spectrum of PA+++ (triple +, that's why i'm comfortable with it!) protection

2. Contains DNA-protective peptides to protect your skin's from cellular-lever UV damage

3. Comprehensively protects your skin (& you as well) against oxidative damage from free radicals to prevent premature ageing

4. High antioxidant content that protects skin from melanoma formation and wrinkles

5. It's lightweight and oil-free formula that ensures no greasy feel on your skin and no product build-up

6. It's hydrates and replenishes moisture in skin

7. Oil-free, Alcohol-free & Fragrance-free

8. Comes in a handy and portable with no-spill mechanism


It comes in a matte plastic bottle, and best of all, is a spray on sunscreen! How many of you out there have not tried spray on sunscreen before? Yes, i'm one of them! So, this definitely is a new thing to me. 

Having a spray on sunscreen means a great time saver for people who are in a rush to work or school early morning! Besides that, you can keep it in your makeup pouches for any reapplication. The "no-spill mechanism" ensures you that the content would not be leaking out if you were to carry it in your pouches. 

This spray on UV Mist is perfect for:

1. Hassle-free reapplication of sunblock every 3 hours daily

2. Can be use over or under makeup as it oil-free formula ensures a smooth, comfortable feel

3. Toting around on beach vacations, city trips and island adventures

4. Spritzing on your body during sports or outdoor exercise

Once spray on skin, it appears to be milky and watery. But after patting it in, it turns invisible and leaving no white cast. But the only think i experience is that it gives me slightly sticky feeling. Other then that, everything is awesome! Now my morning routine time have been cut down. Just spray & i'm ready to go! 

Having to say that, be sure to hold the bottle 15cm away from your face before spraying. You can actually reapply any time on dry skin but please please please, avoid staying out in the sun for too long even you're using sunscreen!


All the good stuff that it contains:

DNA Tetra-Peptides, Organic Green Tea Extract*, Buddleja Davidii Extract*, Thymus Vulgaris (Thyme) Extract*, Natural Preservative blend of Wasabi, Ginger, Garlic and Radish.  *Certified Organic by Ecocert French Control and Certification


If you're on a hunt for a good sunscreen, why not give Enavose Invisble Sunbrella UV Mist SPF45 a try? Enavose currently is running a promotion for sunbrella UV Mist. Retailing at S$29.00 (Usual: S$39.90).

And that's not all! If you spend the following amount at Suntec City Concept Store & Online store (Shopping cart MUST include Invisible Sunbrella UV Mist SPF 45), you get to enjoy the following:

- Complimentary $20 voucher with $100 spend and above ;

- 2-piece travel set worth of $22 with $180 spend and above.


Remember to follow them on their Facebook page to get more updates & upcoming promotions.


That's all for me! Go try it out & let me know what you think~




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Aug 4, 2012 8:30AM

winddyychoco first giveway! [Closed!]

Hi Everyone!

To start off, i'd like to thank all current followers & some other readers out there, and also in conjuction with my birthday which falls on 20th August, i'd be giving away items that specially brought for this giveaway with my own pocket money. Total there will be 2 winners and each one will get one set of prizes. 

The prizes here are not mega-fabulous but i hope that the winner would enjoy using them. They're all brand new, so don't worry about things being used before! :D So for this giveaway, i'd like to know from you readers what you'd like to see more from my blog. ^_^


This giveaway is open internationally!! lucky winner will win 1 of following items!


1. must be a follower of my blog either via Onsugar or Hellocotton.

2. comment on this post with your name (either onsugar or hellocotton name) and email address so i can contact you ;)

3. your suggestion on what you like to see more on my blog.

4. which prize you want to win. Either Prize A or Prize B. Please choose only one!

4. please only comment ONCE!


Tips on how to earn additional chances:

1. repost on your own blog +2 (copy paste the photo above & babble anything u want on ur blog post)

2. follow me on my Twitter (http://twitter.com/winddyy) +1 & retweet this giveaway +1


Giveaway Guidelines:

1. International readers are welcomed to join! Subscribe to one of the following: Onsugar, Hellocotton or Twitter.

If you're currently a follower of mine, you're automatically eligible to join.

3. I will choose 2 winners randomly via http://classtools.net/education-games-php/fruit_machine/.

4. The winner will require to respond to his/her email within 72 hours of the delivery of notification email send out, otherwise, the entry shall be disqualified and a new winner shall be chosen.

5. If the winner is an international reader, the prize shall be mailed out with no tracking number. Likewise, for local winner, the prize will be mailed out via normal postage. I'll check for defects before mailing. I (winddyychoco) shall not be responsible for any lost of parcel, defect of items or delays in delivery after the prizes has been mailed, nor shall it be responsible for customs duties or fees. 


The prizes:

Prize Set A:

- Candydoll lipgloss in Cotton Candy
- Anna Sui Super Mascara DX Volume Up mini
- My Beauty Diary Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Mask
- My Beauty Diary Chocolate Truffle Sheet Mask
- My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask
- & Lots of samples

Prize Set B

- Megan Miller Collection nail polish in Champagne
- ZA Glitter Eye Color eyeshadow in Urban Night
- My Beauty Diary Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Mask
- My Beauty Diary Chocolate Truffle Sheet Mask
- My Beauty Diary Bird Nest Mask
- & Lots of samples

To make things simple for you & me, fill in the blanks:

+1 Name (onsugar/hellocotton username) & Email address:
Please indicate your suggestion on what you like to see more on my blog:
Please indicate the prize you wish to get:

+2 Repost blog link:

+1 Twitter name:

+1 Re-tweet link:

Total entries:


Thanks for joining my giveaway and GOOD LUCK! :D

This giveaway will close on 18 August 2012 (Saturday) 11.59pm Singapore time zone UTC+8




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Aug 1, 2012 6:30PM

Swatch + Review: Megan Miller Nail Polish - Lemon Ice

Hi Sweeties!

How's your day going for the 1st day of August? I welcomed mine with a piece of great news this morning! If you're following me on twitter (@winddyy), you might have already knew I've gotten another job once again after my previous company went liquidated~! Good news? ^_^

Now, I'll be doing the 2nd swatch + review on Megan Miller nail polish for the month of July. I've done my 1st swatch + review on Megan Miller Color of the month for June (Coral Bliss). If you've yet to see it, browse it here!

Oops! Sorry for the delay for July's color! And also, just so nice when i was thinking of using Lemon Ice, it appear as the color for the month of July! Coincident or not?

So, let's start this post for Color of the Month (July): Lemon Ice

I'll bring you back to knowing more about Megan Miller Collections...

About Megan Miller Collection

The Megan Miller Collection is environmentally friendly and crafted of the finest ingredients, this collection of custom colors goes on smooth and wears practically forever. It started as a vision of a rustic, natural elegance which utilizes the finest materials to provide that experience. The idea grew from the style and design infused into the product by our founder Megan; which is set out to develop a line which empowers and inspires confidence to 'Be Colorful', look good, feel good and be at your best!

Megan Miller & Mei Mei's Signatures


One-Of-A-Kind Bottle

Megan Miller polish is custom formulated with all colors being custom designed specifically for our line. Our polish is environmentally friendly and consists of the finest ingredients. It is elite in performance providing smooth application, fine finish and premium durability.

Megan Miller bottle is also custom designed specifically for our line. It is custom fitted with its own natural cork top. Each piece is hand tied with all natural raffia providing a unique feel and look to every piece. This truly makes each piece a one of a kind.

Megan Miller logo is a peacock feather. Inspired by the display the peacock portrays when its feathers are in full bloom, the Megan Miller collection aims to inspire you to show your grandest side with confidence and ease. Like the peacock, we look to blend a natural elegance in order to make you look good, feel complete and ‘Be Colorful’.

Megan Miller



Lemon Ice contains a 15ml worth of polish & it's color feels like lemon sherbet, very light & sheer and it's Jelly texture which goes on smoothly and at ease. The polish itself is not really thick nor runny, just nice. Brush is abit smaller. Now, come to the most exciting part: The cork handle!

Megan Miller nail collection is special in the sense of the cute bottle design as well as the natural cord handle. They made is surprisingly comfortable to hold! Do you notice the feather printed of the cork handle? It's their signature and also, eco-friendly.

In the below image, I applied 3 coats of Lemon Ice to built up its opacity as Lemon Ice have a very sheer coverage! This is my 2nd time using Lemon Ice, & the 1st time, i applied 4 coats but yet the VNL (Visible Nail Line) still can be seen. Feeling not happy with it for weeks, i decided to reapply again & this time, i use thick coat between coat without swiping the excess nail polish back to the bottle. And vola! It came out nice and good without having any VNL surfacing~

Isn't the color look nice?


Now, if you're interested in getting Megan Miller collection and unable to find it in Singapore local retail store, hope over to Mei Mei's Signature now! She's our official local e-retailer that carries Megan Miller collection. Currently she has hit over 1000 Likes on her FB, and to celebrate thata, she's running a promotion of Buy 1 Get 1 Free priced at S$18 each polish. So, you spend S$18 & get 2 bottles of Megan Miller polish! Great deal isn't it? Just to let u know, this promotional will last until 20 Aug 2012 (my birthday!!)! So grab it while it's still affordable~

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*hint: check back on my blog this few days as there'll be a small surprise for all my readers for my birthday! ^_^

Next color will be posted up hopefully mid of this month (Aug). So cya~!


*Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Mei Mei's Signature nor being sponsored for. Review published here is based on my own experience and opinion. I am not getting paid for sharing this review.



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